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Calendar Puzzle "Hexagon"

This calendar puzzle is harder than calendar puzzle "Square".

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Nine puzzle pieces leave three hexagons open that together form a date.

Photo of an empty board of calendar puzzle "Hexagon" with all 9 pieces around it

On Monday January 1, the solution below would be good, because only the hexagons "Mon" and "Jan" and "1" are open.

Photo of a solution of calendar puzzle "Hexagon" of the challenge of Monday January 1

The Calendar Puzzle

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★★★★★ very hard
11in × 7in × 0.25in
Handmade in the Netherlands
Birch plywood
Laser engraver
More than 2500 different challenges in 1 puzzle
With a company logo if you order 50 puzzles
Ideal for a christmas present or promotional gift
Buy 2 puzzles and give 1 to a friend
$32 including shipping cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I flip a puzzle piece?
Yes, the puzzle pieces do not have a specific front and back.
Is there a solution for every challenge?
Yes, every challenge has a solution.
Is every challenge equally difficult?
No, some challenges are more difficult and others are easier.
How many different challenges are there?
A year has a maximum of 366 days and each date can be on 7 different days of the week. So the number of different challenges is 7 × 366 = 2562.
What can I do if my question is not listed here?
Send your question to praxispuzzles@gmail.com.

Try the Calendar Puzzle Online

Can you arrange the nine puzzle pieces so that only the hexagons of today's date are open?

Can you arrange the ten puzzle pieces in such a way that only the hexagons "" and "" and "" are open?

This challenge has different solutions and is in relation to other challenges, because only % of all challenges is than this one. You only have to solve this challenge again on .